Ultra Wide Screens

Choosing the best screen for your event depends on the venue and also the number of people present. Apart from helping decide the best for you, we can supply a range of wide screens which help in delivering a better visual coverage to all attendees, and also give that extra professional look you want for your event.

Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is a projection technique used to turn objects, often irregularly shaped, into a display surface for video projection. These objects may be complex landscapes, such as buildings, beautiful facades, small indoor objects and also theatrical stages. For surely one of the latest video techniques that has wowed so many audiences in the last years around the world.

High Resolution Playback

Shows are constantly getting bigger! The bigger the video or projection surfaces, the bigger the canvas, thus resulting in requireing more powerful where it comes to playout engines to support smooth playbacks without any frame drops or stuttering! Dont worry we got you covered!

Projectors and Projection Screens

To deliver an awesome show, one requires high-end equipment. We have available a wide range of video projectors and screens, which have been carefully selected and are well serviced and mantained. The range covers from small projectors and screens for small meetings to Large Venue Projectors for big shows and mappings.

Pixel LED Mapping

The use of this technology surely gives that extra highlight to any event. Pixel mapping is to transform fixtures setup in arrays like LED pixel tape or LED curtains or intelligent lighting fixtures, into your screen or canvas and replay desired video effects complementing the rest of the show.

Camera Packages and Streaming

Many times there are events that need to relay or stream their event however due to tight spaces there is no room for cameras and camera persons. We were the first company to invest in High Definition PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) Cameras to be able to do so without obstructing any attendees and also minimising costs of operations. Together with these cameras we also provide high-end video swithcing and streaming equipment as one whole turnkey service.

Multi-Screen Switching Systems

In this everygrowing video industry, striving to always be on the forefront means that one has to continually invest, our most expensive departments is the one catering for video switching and control. Our equipment list ranges from switching between 2 x HD laptops to 24 x 4K inputs and up to 20 x 4K outputs simultaneously.


In this ever-growing events industry, the need for new technology and visual effects to wow your audiences is continuously sought after. Stage automation is nowadays present in big shows worldwide however it is becoming more reachable. Stage automation is the control and movement of set pieces and flying scenery especially when integrated with video and lighting. MAV can help you design, implement and achieve such scenic movements.

Interactive Technology

Video is our main platform, however when combined with interactive technology the experience is a different one. The use of interactivity with video will empower the user in transforming live the video and the end result will be totally in the user’s choices and movements. Using such technology to engage your customers is an interesting path we love exploring and design to sell your products originally.

Video Production

At the base of our success is our main strength, creating video content for relatively 90% of all events we have done. Video production is the process of producing video content with images recorded digitally instead of on film stock most of the time. By producing our own content together with using the right tools to project such content during the actual events being theatre, live or corporate, gave us the opportunity to grow into the multimedia company we are today always looking forward to more technically exciting jobs!


Virtual reality is a simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. Virtual reality can totally immerse the viewer and transport him to locations in historical past that are no longer existing, or also dive sky-high while comfortably seated. VR can also be used for educational purposes. Like with other happy customers we can produce 360 degree video content to deliver your project though an experience.


Hologram or in simpler words projection in a three-dimensional form “without” use of any screen is a constantly evolving technique. This nice visual medium can be delivered with some experience and controlled ambience. Everyone likes a bit of illusion, and with this technique we at MAV can transport anyone to be present in your event when they are still far away!